What Now? Elijah Dukes Released…

March 17, 2010

In the past you might have thought those words would be followed with “on his own recognizance,” but it’s just followed with “by the Washington Nationals.” It was a surprise, I’m sure, for most, as there was no indication that this was going to happen. It leaves a void in the assume starting roster, as Dukes was penciled in to be the right fielder. But he didn’t hit much at all so far this spring, and for whatever reason, they decided to end the relationship today. Time to move on, so the question now is who will be the starting right fielder? A few options:

  • Mike Morse – Looked ok in September for the Nats (.250/.291/.481) and has has a strong spring so far (.259/.310/.519)
  • Ian Desmond – If he’s the best hitting option, I guess they could put him out there, but I’d really rather see him playing SS in the minors than OF in the majors unless he proves he can’t play infield
  • Jermaine Dye – He’s out there, he still can hit, and they need someone. But he’s a terrible fielder towards the end of his career. Read the rest of this entry »

Spring Games Start Today

March 4, 2010

Remember, spring training is not regular season baseball. If Ryan Zimmerman has a bad month, it doesn’t mean he can’t hit anymore. It may indicate a slow start, but he didn’t forget how to do it. If Jason Marquis dominates, mowing down starting cleanup hitters and lifelong quadruple-A players alike, it doesn’t trump what he’s done in almost 1500 regular season major league innings pitched. His career ERA+ is 99, and he only had one year under 4.00. Not saying he’s terrible, but a perfect spring probably doesn’t indicate an upcoming Cy Young season.

That being said, younger players do have a chance to show they can succeed at yet another level. A perfect 3 innings by Shairon Martis is much more exciting than the same performance by John Lannan in the spring. So, here’s a few things I’ll be paying attention to today and in the upcoming games, and I few things I won’t:


Bubbe’s Favorite Player

February 3, 2010

The Nationals signed Kench Mench to a minor league deal this week, and he’ll attempt to win a spot on the major league roster. They have their starting outfield pretty much set going in to the spring, but Elijah Dukes is still a bit of a question mark. So if he isn’t performing, they’re gonna need someone to play right field. Mench could be the one to do it.

First of all, Mench is a corner outfielder, and he’s played alot in RF, although recently he’s spent more time in LF. He’s got a career UZR/150 as an outfielder of 4.2, and a pretty good 8.8 in RF. He’s got a pretty decent arm, not bad at all for right field. He’s not a stellar fielder but I’d say he’s been above average most of his career. At 32, he’s a good bet to at least be average at the position, although he may not be one you’d consider as a defensive replacement, you wouldn’t need to take him out late in games.

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