Big Improvements in 2012 – Part 2

October 17, 2012

Yesterday, we took at look at some of the things that were the biggest steps forward in 2012 for the pitching staff. I’m trying to concentrate on things that were both new and sustainable. Sustainability is subjective, but we’ll look at the stats enough to make at least me feel comfortable that the stuff highlighted here isn’t temporary. We’re looking at the position players here, so why not start with the most controversial one:

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The Other Guys

April 3, 2012

The Nats just finalized their roster this week, and there were few questions remaining. We knew at this point that Mark DeRosa, for example, was going to make the team, and he’ll probably even start with all the early season injuries. But a few guys made this team that we didn’t even notice before spring training. And you may not notice them that much this season, other than an occasional start or pinch hit appearance.

Brett Carroll

Brett Carroll hasn’t hit much in the major leagues. Almost all of his plate appearances have been with Florida, and he’s only hit .203/.281/.322 in his career. His best season, and the one in which he played the most, was 2009. He had 158 PAs and hit .234/.306/.383, which isn’t particularly good for any position, let alone a guy who really only plays corner outfield. He is a righty, and in his career, he’s shown much more power against lefties, although his AVG and OBP have been pretty much the same. In that extended appearance in 2009m he hit with significantly more power against LHPs, and better OBP against RHPs.

Last year, at 28 years old, Carroll spent basically the entire year in AAA, where he hit .275/.345/.447. Nice numbers, if he wasn’t a 28 year old. The Nats can expect decent power off the bench against lefties, but probably not much more than that. Still, that isn’t the worst thing to do with a bench spot.

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