While You’re Wearing Out the Carpet

If you’re pacing back and forth, worrying about yesterday’s game, take heart, you’re not the only one. In actuality, both teams come into Washington with some reason to be excited. St Louis should be happy to have a win after losing game 1, as game 2 was semi-must win for them. As a corollary they have to be happy they survived the Nats two “best” starters.

The Nationals should be very happy with their situation, as well. They went on the road and won a game, which means they only have to win a home series, 2 out of 3. And unlike a week ago, they now have a bunch of guys who have playoff experience, and hopefully any jitters are out of their systems.

But rather than go into some sort of big analysis of two games of baseball which would no doubt be based on extremely limited sample size and wildly exaggerated observations, I figured I’d just give you some links to help you enjoy the off day. And you should enjoy it, because even though they lost yesterday, the Nats get to play in the postseason again tomorrow.

And speaking of the games, I’ll be at Game 3 on Wednesday. So be sure to check in with me on twitter (@nationalsreview) for a fan style perspective, as opposed to the essential but pretty different coverage from all the beat writers.


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