Nationals Memes

I’m gonna be on vacation next week, so rather than have a dated post in the front of the site, I came up with a couple of internet Meme’s for the Nats. I used this website to make them, and that’s where I got the names for the memes that are in parenthesis. If you’ve got moar, please feel free to add to comments.

Henry Rodriguez (Futurama Fry):

Ankiel Meme (Boromir- based on his line “One does not simply walk into Mordor”):

Nady Meme (Success Kid):

Lombardozzi Meme (The Most Interesting Man in the World):

Harper Meme (Skeptical Baby):

SabrMeme (Engineering Professor):

Desmond Meme (Baby Godfather):

Gio Meme (Regretful Toddler):


One Response to Nationals Memes

  1. Pig.Pen says:

    Don’t know that I’ve ever visited, this site before, but in a word…Awesome.

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