Terry Francona and.. the Nats

Let’s say, hypothetically, Terry Francona does not return to the Red Sox next season. For whatever reason, be it that the fans clamor for it, Theo just pulls the trigger, or Francona, who seemed like he had enough at his presser, decides it’s time to move on. The Nats have a managerial situation in flux at the moment. While Davey Johnson has done a good job, there are some who doubt his abilities. Davey, meanwhile, has not said whether or not he plans on returning. And if Davey only has one more year in him, the Nats could go after Francona to preempt search next season. What should they do? I’ll give you a few choices beyond yes and no, but I’m not offering the easy answer of “sure if Davey decides to retire now”


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