Nats Trade Targets

November 16, 2010

The GM meeting just started, and winter meetings are coming up, and with it, one of the most exciting parts of the offseason. There are usually quite a few trades between now and the middle of December. The Nats have needs at starting pitching, regardless of whether or not they sign a free agent. They currently don’t know who’s starting at first.  And if they have thoughts of moving guys from OF to first, they might want someone out there, not to mention the fact that they still haven’t figured out who is their full time starter at CF.

Of course, the Nats aren’t one player away from winning a pennant, so they aren’t going to trade away all of their blue chip prospects. Not that they have a ton. Here are a few guys that might be considered “buy low” candidates. Some of them are lower buys than others, but none would require trading Stephen Strasburg.

Dan Uggla – He’s the source of quite a few rumors these days, but the Nats have a second baseman, assuming Espinosa is their answer there. And Uggla is only under control for one more season. Well, there are plenty of reasons why they’d still want him. Uggla recently denied an extension attempt from Florida, and may be had cheaply. Also, the Nats may not be convinced that Espinosa is ready. Uggla is a below average defender at second base, but that would probably end up translating him quite a good defense first baseman. Meanwhile, Uggla is a lock to have an OPS over .800, and 2 out of the last three years it’s been around .875. He can hit like a first baseman (not the best of them, but better than the worst) and probably field better than most.

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