The Giants Made Me Hopeful

November 3, 2010

Nationals fans should be pretty excited about the Giants World Series victory. We all know that they had a young pitching staff, but let me remind you. Of the 4 starters that they used in the playoffs, none were older than 27 years old. Sanchez is 27, Lincecum is 26, Cain is 25, and Baumgarner is 20. A young, strong rotation WAS the key to victory, no doubt. And that should be heartening to Nationals fans because they expect to have a young, strong rotation in the next couple of seasons.

Zimmermann and Strasburg are keys to that, but another 1 or 2 guys, whoever they may be (Detwiler? Tom Milone?), must step up in order to get them close. The fact that they have Zimmermann and Strasburg, though, whatever doubts there may be about them, is a big thing, and should not be overlooked.

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