Nationals Poor Defense Not So Poor

June 2, 2010

Yesterday I made mention of the much improved defense of this team. Yesterday night, a costly error, this time by Ryan Zimmerman, allowed the first runner in the 9th inning to reach base when the Nats had a run one lead. That guy ended up scoring. Additionally, the Nats are dead last in errors in NL, not a good sign. Despite this, I still believe their defense is better than it was, and, dare I say it,  isn’t even terrible. First of all, just by observation you can see that this team’s defense is no longer horrendous. When the left side of your infield makes an error, you don’t think, with Desmond and Zimmerman, that it’s bad. You realize that even good fielders make errors.

Second, and this is something I think alot of people are missing, is that the Nats defense has to make more plays than everyone in the NL. They have gotten about the same number of outs, give or take a few extra inning games or home victories, than the rest of the league. Yet, they are dead last in strikeouts, by 28 Ks behind the second worst team, and by 63 behind the third worst. That is means they have to make many more plays in the field than every single other team in the NL.

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