An Improbable Win

May 27, 2010

It’s not often that Tim Lincecum gets knocked out in the 5th inning, or gives up 6 ER. The last time he gave up 6 ER or more was September 23, 2008, when he went 4 1/3 innings. That game, just like last night, was as much about the walks than the hits. Lincecum didn’t have his stuff, and the Nats deserve credit for taking advantage. They walked 5 times and Willingham got hit by a pitch, to go with the teams 6 hits on the starter. It’s one of those games that when the series start, you count it for the Giants, not the Nats. It’s a good win, and one that puts Washington back above .500.

Interesting thing about those Runs

Both times the Nats scored 3 runs in an inning, they led off with a guy getting to first then a steal of second. Now this is a coincidence for sure, but it does highlight the importance of getting that first guy on. And if you don’t waste an out getting him over, it’s an even better chance to score. Thankfully, once of those times was started by Nyjer Morgan, although he still had a questionable game. He ran through a stop sign and was lucky to score – although I don’t hate aggressive baserunning, I’d just prefer a guy who could see the play making that call (like the third base coach). Later in the inning he caught a fly ball and unnecessarily overthrew the cutoff man. He’s just not looking like himself. If he can right things, the innings like the 3rd and the 5th last night will come more often, and the Nats will score in bunches.

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