Why Yesterday’s Win Was Important

May 11, 2010

Every win is important, that’s why. They total them up at the end, and the team with the most wins usually ends up going to the playoffs. Other than that, however, it was important for the bullpen to cobble together 4 2/3 innings of good baseball. As you’ve doubtless heard, they did this without Clippard and Capps.

Those two guys have been their only truly reliable relievers so far this season, and that just isn’t enough. They can’t win with only two relievers, and in a 20 game stretch without a day off, that becomes even more apparent. The bullpen wasn’t great last night, it got very lucky or very good at perfect moments, but it wasn’t without its bad moments. The point is, though, they were able to hold a narrow victory. With only 2 runs to spare for much of the time, 1 run at times, they held.

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