A Few Links on a Friday

Do you know that spring training games start next week? First game is on Thursday. It’s a little less exciting when you’re one of the half a dozen teams that knows it aint making the playoffs. But when you have a legitimately great prospect playing, at least you know what the sportswriters will be talking about.

As the games begin and the team sorts itself out, I will have more to say, analyze and conjecturify. In the meantime, here are a few interesting links to read today:

The Khalil Greene story – it’s not what you might think, and you hope he can figure it all out.

The positive side of Livan – I will still utter multiple harumphs when his name is brought up

Big Donkey know Jui-jitsu – For stamina and flexibility, apparently, although a 6’6″, 275 lb guy who has been trained in martial arts may also be helpful. Apparently he’s working on his fielding, too.

Sabermetrician infiltration outside of baseball – An interesting link on a sabr-type analysis for NCAA basketball. I like what it says about the Terps.

In other local non-baseball news – This better happen. Not for the sake of the bad team, which is cursed for eternity, but for the sake of the good team, which doesn’t need to move homes or change ownership.


The Rainmaker – Hey, it’s sports related!


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