Who Said Nobody Pays Attention to the Nats?

Despite poor attendance, and TV ratings that make people mock the team; despite poor records and a lowly farm system, there is a feel good story about the Nationals. The FANS have elected to have more coverage of the team, not less. They have shown that they believe it is important to have an objective independent view of the team, and they’ve done this by paying Mark Zuckerman’s way to Spring Training. And they did this by paying for it. Hopefully this will lead to a paying gig in some way for him, and continued coverage of the team. It’s nice to know the fans of the Nats, the people who read and write the blogs, were a big part in this. Congrats to Mark and congrats to the Nats fan base!


And if it doesn’t say it yet on the site, he’s already posted on Twitter that’s he’s met the $5000 goal. Not that it should stop you from helping him out, he’s hopefully gonna be here all year.


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