All Quiet on the Western Bank of the Anacostia

January 12, 2010

The Nationals continue to make no moves while the baseball world writhes around them. The biggest news recently, at least Nats-related, was the signing of Aroldis Chapman to a deal with the Reds. Apparently the Nats were big time in the negotiations, but couldn’t bring themselves to add another year and another $5 M. He’s a 22 year old lefty that the scouts love, but it is unclear just how he’ll do in the majors, it’s pretty well agreed-upon that he needs some work still, and since he’s a Cuban defector, nobody can be positive that he’s actually 22. All that being said, the Nats can be patient with him, it would seem to make sense to bring him in. If he ends up being as good as people think he might be, this will be a big miss for a relatively small commitment.

If the Nats still want a free agent pitcher, there are a few guys available, here’s a quick run down of the ones I can remember today:

Chien-Ming Wang – Still my first choice, of the remainder. He’s only 29 right now, he was great until hurt. Assuming they can confirm he is totally healthy, and with a sinkerballer this may be more than a workout, it may include watching him pitch to actual batters and see what they can do with his pitches, he could still be very very good.

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