Can Adam Dunn Count?

September 21, 2009

It’s September 21, the Nats have a few games left, but Adam Dunn is only at 37 home runs. So, with only 13 games to go, Dunn has to hit a HR every 4 games to get to 40. Seems possible from him, a guy who averages 1 every 4 games every single season, but still… He hasn’t been hitting with any power and I wonder if maybe he thought he had reached his requisite 40 and has shut it down.

In the last 18 games he has really struggled. Since Aug 30, Dunn has hit .242/.333/.348. That means he is hitting the low end of his average, he isn’t walking, and is hitting with very little power. In fact, in those 66 ABs during that span, he has a TOTAL of 3 extra base hits. THREE in 18 games. Dunn isn’t himself, and if he wants to get to 40 (which is largely irrelevant so maybe he doesn’t want to get there), he’s gotta break out of this slump. It’s probably not much of a coincidence that with Dunn struggling to hit, this team is struggling to score in the month of September – their runs per game fell from 7th in the league to 10th in the course of the last 2 weeks. That’s a big drop at this point in the season.


Zimmerman Gets to 30

September 20, 2009

Ryan Zimmerman got to 30 HRs on Friday night, so it is time to finish up the Zimmerman March to 30 HR uniform gallery:



Tim Raines for HOF!

Not too much to say other than “I told you so.” I’m not usually big on that phrase, but I’ve been saying Zim is a 30+ HR guy since 2007, when the then 22 year old hit 24 HRs. But nobody outside of this fan base seemed to believe it was possible. Well, there you have it. Yes, it’s an arbitrary number, but 30 HRs is a symbol of being a power hitter. Congrats to Ryan, and congrats to the Nats for signing this guy to an extension. Everyone who criticized that deal, how does a 30 HR gold glove third basemen not deserve this money?

In the Loss, A Win

September 18, 2009

Another loss for the Nationals means little at this point. It doesn’t even mean that much that 2009 World Series MVP Cole Hamels pitched a no hitter into the 6th inning, finally broken up by Mike Morse of all people. Morse, by the way, is hitting .286 right now in his few games, so even though he hasn’t walked AT ALL or hit with any power, he hasn’t looked overwhelmed. None of that REALLY matters, as the team is just counting the days until the offseason.

In fact, what really matters, is the pitching performance by Ross Detwiler. He only went 5 innings, but the length of his start was likely preordained. What was impressive was how he pitched. In those 5 innings, he struck out 6 and only walked 1. He gave up 4 hits, and other than the double to Rollins, none were damaging. In his first start since May, he gave up 2 singles in the first and managed to work out of the inning without giving up a run. Throughout the 5 innings he struck out Victorino, Howard, and Utley, among others.

It was a very good start by a 23 year old who has now, in order:

  • Destroyed Rookie League at age 21(2007)
  • Struggled in High-A at age 21 (2007)
  • Not great in High-A at age 22, but had real good peripherals (2008)
  • Dominated in AA at age  23 (2009)
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Arbitrary and Real Things to Look For

September 16, 2009

It’s almost over, the Nationals are on their way to ending the season. With 18 games to go, they have little time to accomplish anything other than finishing in last place. Of course, as Nats Farm Authority points out, there is still the possibility of a Pittsburgh or Baltimore or someone else finishing in last. But I’m pretty sure it aint happening. Individuals on this team, however, still have time to accomplish something other than losing more games than everyone else. There are the arbitrary numbers things, then there are the more important, but perhaps less fun and intersting thing. Let’s start with the arbitrary:

  1. Will John Lannan finish with an ERA below 4.00? He’s currently at 4.08, with probably 3 more starts to go. If he were to go average 6 innings and give up 2 ER per start, he’ll finish with a 3.98. If he only goes 5 IP per start, he’ll need to give up 4 ER total, just above 1 per start. If he give up 5 ER in the next 3 starts and goes 5 innings each, he’ll be on the nose with a 4.00 ERA.
  2. Will Adam Dunn hit 40 HR?Padres Nationals Baseball He’s only done it the last 15 seasons. Actually, the 29 year old is vying for his 5th consecutive season with exactly 40, sixth in a row with 40 or more. 18 should be enough, but he’s on a power outage recently. His ISO power up until Aug 30 was .296, since then it’s been .137. Of course, a couple of HRs would change that quickly.
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Zim Hits #29, Nats Play Spoiler

September 14, 2009

Washington took 2 out of 3 from the Marlins, technically playing a bit of a spoiler role. The Marlins were a bit back from either race coming in to the weekend, but losing 2 of 3 has them sitting 6 1/2 out of the NL East lead, 5 1/2 out of the wild card. Winning all 3 this weekend would have been a big boost for them, losing 2 is pretty deflating. Of course, Zimmerman hit his 29th HR of the season on Friday night, thus putting himself one HR away from the arbitrary mark of 30. So here you go, in keeping with this year’s tradition, in tribute to his #29, the Zimmerman March to 30 HRs uniform number gallery:


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Nats Asked Guzman to Move to 2B

September 11, 2009

Whoa whoa whoa, someone’s been reading The Nationals Review! Ok, the Nats have probably never read it, but according to ESPN980, the Nats had a meeting with Cristian Guzman last night yesterday afternoon, asking him to play 2B in the 2010 season. Wow, I’ve been screaming this since May! And I’ve said it only about every time I have had the chance since. It appears that the Nats think it’s a good idea, too. By the way, the 980 report also said that Guzman was “in shock” and didn’t provide an answer.

As I see articles providing evidence of this, I’ll link them here. Here’s one that talks about why they’re concerned. Here’s one saying he won’t become less valuable at 2B.

This is what it may look like:

guzman near 2b

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Ian Desmond Watch FINALLY Over

September 11, 2009

Well it was a grueling 10 hours, but the Ian Desmond watch that began at about 9 AM yesterday morning (although it was backdated to Monday, his first time in uniform) is finally over. Yes, he did indeed start at SS on Thursday night and since it was a home game, he was actually playing in a major league game by 7:05.

He did not disappoint in his debut, that’s for sure. First, his 2nd inning AB was a deep flyout to the CF, a hit that looked like it could leave the park. In a different direction, it would have gone out. Then he got up in the 4th with Dukes on first, and hit a liner double to CF. Actually, Victorino misplayed it, it should have been a single, but who’s complaining? Here’s a little shot of him hitting that one:

Desmonds first hit

Then, with 2 outs in the bottom of the 5th, and the game still within reach for Philly, he hit a three run shot. Here’s a look at that:

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