Everyone Acts Like the Season’s Over

September 22, 2009

Everyone being ESPN and Baseball Prospectus, in a couple of joint or related articles. These are the “Kiss ‘Em Goodbye” series, which you need Insider or a BP subscription to read. It’s the “series on MLB teams that are out of contention.” Of course, this could have been started months ago for the Nats, but I digress. I can’t in good conscience reproduce everything they had to say, since you gotta pay for it.

But I can give a few highlights on their take on the team, so here you go, plus some of my own comments in italics:

  • Despite blunders and gaffes, hiring Rizzo and signing Strasburg ends the season on a high note  – of course, that assumes the season ended mid-August. Which I guess it did for this team.
  • Apparently one of the questions in the GM search was “What do you think of Bobby Valentine?” – Could be a preview for who they want, not sure if he’s the right guy, but he sure is fun to have around.
  • They are last in virtually every pitching stat, so they shouldn’t get too attached to any of their pitchers – Yeah, I noticed that, check out the widget on the right of your screen.
  • A couple of starting pitchers will be signed in Free Agency, a good one and an innings eater named Livan – Livan, eater of innings and probably lots of meatball subs to return? I’d believe it, as he’s already with the team and looks like their second best starter. A bigger name besides him? I am more suspect of that.
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