Assuming Everything ISN’T a Disaster

August 3, 2009

The trade deadline has come and gone, and many players remain on the team that may not be part of the 2011 World Series Champion Nationals. Alright, 2012? Anyway, the big bats of Josh Willingham and Adam Dunn remain on the team, and some people are having hissy fits about this. After all, they aren’t part of the solution, so they must be the problem, and should be moved. I see the validity in moving both of these players. Getting younger is difficult, and trading those guys can help you do it. Meanwhile Rizzo said  “We are in the building process, we are not rebuilding… I do not believe that this needs total rebuilding.” Cue more panic from the fanbase.

A couple of comments on this whole thing, sticking with the title’s theme of capitalizing words for EMPHASIS.

  1. Rizzo HAS to say that. Unless he is trading everyone available, he’s gotta say that they’re keeping the good players because they think they’re gonna be good soon. What do you want him to come out and say “we like these guys, even though the team sucks, because we want something to watch every day”?  Read the rest of this entry »