Mock Up, Detwiler Down

July 14, 2009

Perhaps lost a bit in the flood of the Acta firing, Garrett MockJim Riggleman hiring (did you know he went to high school in Rockville, MD at Richard Montgomery? I just found that out), was the announcement this weekend that the Nats are sending Detwiler down to the minors in exchange for Garrett Mock. I can’t say I blame ’em.

While Detwiler has had some success with the Nats, lately it’s been rough. I mean really rough. Since his first two starts where he looked pretty good, he’s started 8 more games. He’s pitched 41 innings, only walked 18 but only struck out 23. His ERA in that span has been 7.46. He’s only been in pro baseball for 2 seasons, so it’s not like he’s a huge disappointment at this point. It’s time for him to go back to the minors, and his demotion to AAA will actually bring his first appearance at that level. Hopefully he can finish working on his mechanics there, and come back stronger.

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