Adam Dunn Hits the Ball

May 12, 2009

Here’s some news for you – Adam Dunn is hitting the heck out of the ball. He’s sitting at .318/.457/.655. Compared to most of his career, these numbers are outstanding. His career rates are .248/.383/.522. So his walk rates are pretty normal, his OBP-AVG is .139, compared with the .135 career rate. But his power is way up, his ISO is .337 compared to .274 for his career. And also importantly, his average is up. His OPS of 1.112 (!!!!one!!one!!!) is in no small part due to just getting HITS. If he was batting .248, even with this great ISO, his OPS would be down to .972. Still pretty awesome, but not the same.

First, taking a look at what he’s swinging at, it’s not that different than usual. I looked back to 2005, and the story is similar to what you may think.

AD Swing

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