The Longball

May 11, 2009

Adam Dunn hits home runs. Dunns blastSo do other people, but most of them aren’t as far as his. Dunn now has 11 dingers. Last year, the most anyone on the team hit was 14. It’s May 11th, there are something like 22 weeks left in the season. So he’s on pace for about 59 HRs. Chances are this year other people are going to top that 14 HR mark as well, not just Dunn. Zimmerman has 6, he’s on pace for 32 HRs. Which would make me right, that he can hit 30+. I’m just saying, when it finally happens, remember who’s been predicting it for 2 years. Also, Dukes, Willingham and Flores are on pace for 21 each. And that’s with Willingham playing part time.

This weekend was a display. Dunn had a tape measure shot on Sunday. He’s hit one in 3 straight games. He and Willingham each hit 2 on Sunday.  The team hit 8 of them this weekend.

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