WBC Team USA Lineup Update

March 2, 2009

Outside of the resignation of Jim Bowden, there’s other news on the Nationals front. As I’ve now had to mention several times, the WBC lineup for team USA continues to change, even after the actual roster was named. For a quick analysis on the teams, check out last week’s post. Of course, thing have changed once again, despite the fact that the tournament starts this week. The bad news for team USA is that Joe Nathan, BJ Ryan,  Grady Sizemore, Brian Fuentes and Brad Hawpe have all withdrawn.

On to the Nats news – Adam Dunn has been named as a replacement! So the Nats are going to have a player, who has yet to wear a Nats uniform in a real game, playing for team USA. You’ll get a sneak preview of the man this coming week. Shane Victorino is also joing the team, which is good news. Read the rest of this entry »